A Healthier Approach to Consulting

What do you imagine when you think of a management consulting company? If you were to ask me this question a month ago, my response would have included a description of Marty Kahn from Showtime’s House of Lies, the notion of 90 hour work weeks with 90% travel, fancy suits, and big degrees from HBS and Wharton only trumped by bigger egos. Kiss any notion of a healthy work-life balance goodbye.


Enter Vynamic, a healthcare consulting firm hell-bent not just to shatter this stereotype, but to reinvent it entirely.

I first met Dan Calista, the Founder and CEO of Vynamic, through an introduction from one of the members of our advisory board, James Key Lim, our culture guru. It took only two phone conversations with Dan before we both realized Hackfit and Vynamic were destined to become organizational BFFs.

Vynamic is on a mission to be the healthiest company in the world, while Hackfit is on a mission to unite forward-thinkers, entrepreneurs, and organizations that believe fitness, wellness, and entrepreneurial purpose are catalysts not just for innovation, but for a happier life. BOOM, it was a match made in heaven, and the next thing I know, Vynamic joins up as a mega sponsor to help us bring our awesome sauce to the City of Brotherly Love this coming April. But enough about us, let’s get back to Vynamic.

A cookbook which was created by Vynamic team members
A cookbook which was written by Vynamic team members

In the movie Jerry Maguire, remember when Jerry has his epiphany and writes a mission statement for the future of the agency? The “who’s coming with me?” speech? Well Dan had a similar moment in his experience with management consulting in 2002. After several years of long hours, too much travel, and transactional relationships with clients, he realized, there must be a better way. This was when Vynamic was born.
Now I could continue telling you all about Vynamic’s Zmail, Dan being a moveable CEO, or their walking desks, but these topics have been covered before (click the links for these articles).

Instead, I’m going to list the top 3 attributes of Vynamic that you won’t read in any other blog or news story which are a testament to the fact that they are truly living up to their vision of being the healthiest company in the world.

1.) All the Vynamites love working there.

IMG_0022IMG_0035Imagine one of those corny corporate culture videos that every company has on their website where everyone talks about how much they love coming into work…but in Vynamic’s case, it’s actually true. We observed many of the Vynamic team members going about their daily work activities (yes we interviewed a few of them, but I’m referring to those we didn’t interview), and everyone was genuinely happy to be at work. It was something you could just feel in the air.

2.) Their own employees teach yoga and meditation…in the office!

It’s one thing to bring in outside fitness and wellness coaches into your office (which Vynamic also does on occasion with a local Philly fitness company called Relentless Fitness), but Vynamic actually encourages their own team members to lead yoga and meditation sessions. And these are not amateurs, they’re straight-up certified wellness and yoga instructors.

3.) There are few companies so dedicated to culture and even less in the management consulting industry.

I’ve never worked in the world of management consulting, but from what I hear from many friends in the industry, the large firms don’t exactly exude a sense of intrapreneurialism. Vynamic is the opposite. There are several Vynamites (that’s what they call themselves) who’s sole job revolves around making the company a fun, creative, and healthy place to work. It’s impressive to see such dedication to what they believe in.

As an example, in its over 10 years in existence, Vynamic has not expanded beyond the Philadelphia market. Why? Because Dan and his team refuse to sacrifice their work-life balance. By focusing on local clients, Vynamic team members have the ability to make it home by 7p on weeknights. That’s unheard of in most management consulting companies, but made possible because of Vynamics dedication to a ‘better way to work.’

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